Chill Support

To: Alicia
From: Michael at Netflix
Subject: Chill Support

Howdy! My name is Mike, lead rep at Chill Support, a very special customer service unit at Netflix. Our department's mission is to protect the interests and account security of awesome users like you, so, this message is about all the sassy, steamy nights you and your chill partner share while using Netflix in the background! ;)

Now, please let me put on a necktie to be in a serious-business mood to address the following:

It has recently come to our attention that your account has had a very strange rotation in profile creation and that it is being used by multiple IP addresses in different cities. To prevent any unexpected streaming activity from harming your future Netflix and chill™ experience we recommend that you...

  • Sign out of all devices to temporarily deactivate your account. Before you do so, you might try to convince Chico, Mark, axel, Peter, Ron, ThankYouAlicia, OptimusPrimeRib, therealmike, daPslayer, therealrealmike, HiggsBoson, BiPolarBear, RamonWasHere, ParksAndRechill, HEEEYHOOOO, YouTooHitThis, YESIDID[REDACTED], daaaaamn, lolguys and other actual humans that might have used any of these accounts to stop using your account and pay for their own stuff.
  • Delete the unwanted profiles unless they are periodical Chill partners.
  • Change your Netflix password to make sure no one else will be able to access your account without your permission. Keep it confidential and refrain from sharing it to immoral and sleazy Netflix and chill™ partners, again.
  • May I suggest you choose better Netflix and chill™ partners? It kinda seems like they are all using your account for their own needs and purposes. Without you.

At Chill Support we wish you continued fun with your Netflix and chill™ experience and we look forward to listening to your opinion. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to write back.

Have good one!

1 - Of all the shows, features and movies you and your chill partner(s) watch together on Netflix, which are the most sexually appealing and stimulating?
2 - Does the actual score given by our users to the content have any effect on the culmination of the chill?

Just so you know, we are aware that "El Cole and chill" would not work under any condition.

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